About us.

My name is Anna Viera and I was born in 1985. I enjoy going to work every day. I think being a dietitian is a wonderful profession because I can help people. Of course you don’t just go to the dietician. You may be overweight and want to lose weight or have stomach and intestinal complaints (such as IBS) that control your life. You have often tried everything yourself, but it has not brought you the solution you wanted. I recognize that like no other!

Because I know what it is like to have PDS like no other, I recognize a lot of what my clients say. That combined with the fact that as a dietitian I am a specialist in the field of nutrition – in case of illness and health – I can use very effective treatments. I know from nutrition what nutrition can do. I also have endometriosis and for the same reason I started to delve more into hormonal complaints in women. It is nice to be able to help others through my own search and expertise.