Abdominal muscles are made in the kitchen

A flat and tight stomach is 80% due to your diet. Due to a low body fat percentage, the abdomen will look flat and tight. This low fat percentage is the easiest to achieve with food. They do not simply say that abdominal muscles are made in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, burning local fat is also not possible, despite the many myths. The swimming pool cannot be removed without the entire body losing fat. All methods to lose extra fat around the belly are therefore in vain.

Torso stiffness is the key word for strong abs

Now that we know how to get a flat stomach, it is of course good to actually start training these abs. In addition to the fact that many women like it when the muscles are slightly visible, the abdomen is also very important for a huge number of movements that the body makes. These are mainly movements in which the abdomen prevents the torso from bending.

Examples of this are lifting a bag or pushing against a door. If the belly doesn’t keep your upper body straight, you would just push yourself back. I tell this to explain that the abdomen is especially important in keeping the trunk rigid (trunk rigidity). That said, you may now also understand that abdominal muscle quarters are very inefficient. You generally bend the trunk there, which is precisely not the intention.

Exercise that is done very often and is very ineffective: