A second home, a walk-in closet and a … personal trainer!

You know, conversations about “If I were a millionaire, I would …” On my list were next to a beautiful holiday home on a bounty island and a well-stocked walk-in closet also a personal trainer.

Someone who works out with you every day and knows how to motivate you with fervor to become fitter. What I did not realize before is that I actually already have that personal trainer, because if someone knows a lot about moving, taxing and perseverance, it is Sebastiaan.

Personal trainer as a stick at the door to exercise more?

That is how the idea arose to work out more intensively under his guidance. After he too became enthusiastic about the idea of ​​helping me train, the sport terms flew around me.

The best thing we could do was start bilateral arm flexions, around-the-world exercises (wasn’t that a Daft Punk song?) And split squat jumps.

No idea what exactly they entailed, as long as they address the well-known belly, buttocks and legs (BBB’s). Because in addition to keeping my fitness up to date, I also like to get a little tighter. However, discussion 1 already started there.

First things first: BBB – or not?

Why just the BBBs, Sebastian wondered. According to him, it is totally illogical to train only 50% of your body. For me it was pretty simple. I don’t need a bull neck or bodybuilder arms. After loud laughter, he started his speech. I really didn’t look like Arnold, I thought way too extreme.

Choose a complete workout, not just BBB!

Training the entire body including the back, arms, shoulders and breasts results in a body that is more technically balanced than when I only go for the three B’s. A well-trained back, for example, ultimately results in a nice (er) straight posture, something that will not disrupt anyone. In addition, a complete workout is just good for overall fitness and overall coordination of the entire body.

Varied and complete training schedule for general fitness

That actually sounded quite logical. And whether it sounded logical or not, someone who trains his body 35 hours a week and has made sport his profession knows what he is talking about. So I was up, and have since surrendered to a varied training schedule with a variety of exercises for the entire body.


Of course I will share my schedule in a later blog. For now I can already say that the variety in my schedule, in addition to the listed benefits, makes exercise a lot more challenging and fun!